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The Clown Sound Happy Hour
Subscribe now and get 2 releases instantly PLUS a (hopefully) weekly single exclusively for subscribers. Fly on The Wall package. You get to hear stuff being worked on and/or fuck arounds. Some songs might make albums. Some songs might be King Kong embarrassing and highly regrettable. Yer gambling here and the dice is my own self esteem. Most likely Toys That Kill, URTC, Stoned At Heart demos for future albums or past albums? Maybe dig up old FYP,TTK etc demos? Perhaps. Spur of the moment cover songs? Sure. A weekly purging? Of course. The Clown Sound Quartet live space jam?? Outlook is good. It could be a huge mistake recorded one day and uploaded to you the next day. How embarrassing. If you've read this far consider yourself warned. Sound good? You'll also get 15% off of releases recorded at Clown Sound (And all funds from this go to getting recording gear for the place). You'll feel like a hero! and i'll vouch for you.

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